Have you heard about the latest wedding trend? Brides and grooms are sending out “You’re not invited” cards and emails to friends, coworkers, acquaintances and even some family members - explaining they’re not invited to the wedding. 

Some couples are even telling friends that they’re on “the B-list,” and if an A-list guest can’t make it, they’re in.

It sounds rude – but wedding planners say the “You’re not invited” trend is on the rise. Especially for destination weddings, where only a handful of guests typically attend, or if the couple is paying for the wedding themselves. After all, every extra invite equals an extra $194 dollars per person – which is the average cost! 

So why are so many couples going out of their way to tell people they’re not invited – instead of just letting the person figure it out on their own? Facebook and Twitter. 

Before social media, only your inner circle friends knew you were getting married – and they were usually invited. But today, a lot of us have hundreds, or thousands, of online friends. Some are people we barely know.

And because we, and others, often post status updates or Tweets about the wedding - a lot of engaged couples feel they need to let people know they’re not invited, so they don’t assume they are.

So, brides and grooms-to-be, if you want to send out “You’re not invited” announcements, do it early. Etiquette experts say people’s feelings will be less hurt if they know early on they’re not included.