There are no stupid questions! You've heard that before   and it's especially true when it comes to your HEALTH! So, here are the answers to some health question you might have been too embarrassed to ask. These answers come from Dr. Billy Goldberg, an emergency medicine physician.

  • Question #1: "Can I lose a contact in the back of my head?" Survey says, NOPE. A contact lens CAN slip behind your eyelid, but it can never get lost in the recesses of your eye socket, never to be seen again. Why? Because there's a thin membrane called the conjunctiva that forms around your eyeball, and it will always keep the contact lens within your reach.
  • Question #2: "Why do I get hungry an hour after eating Chinese food?" Because carbohydrates that are easy to digest, like rice and noodles, cause your blood sugar to spike. Then when it comes crashing down an hour later, you feel ravenous again. So, to stay full when eating Chinese food, order plenty of meat and vegetables, too!
  • And one last question, answered: "What's going on when my foot falls asleep?" Dr. Goldberg says when you put continuous pressure on part of your leg, it blocks oxygen and blood flow. And if these two things are blocked for a long enough period of time, it could cause nerve damage. So, some of your nerves go into overdrive to warn you. Those pins and needles you feel in your foot are your body's way of telling you to get up and move around!