Would you take relationship advice from a HORSE?  Believe it or not, it’s the latest therapy trend. Experts say a growing number of couples – who are desperate to restore harmony in their relationship - are now turning to therapy horses.

I know it sounds crazy, but that’s the term for the animals in places like the Relationship Ranch, in Colorado which offers, quote: “on-site horses to lend an ear to human clients.” Many couples who go there describe the experience of sitting in a stable, telling their problems to a horse, as “incredibly therapeutic”.  They say it’s like opening up to a complete stranger! And after visiting with a therapy horse, couples often report giving their relationship another try.

Why horses? Experts say it’s the same reason that therapy dogs and cats are popping up in a growing number of hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. Because horses have a calming presence that’s proven to lower stress, and help people heal faster. Also, many studies show that animals are highly sensitive to fluctuations in our emotions and they’re often better than some humans at sensing if we’re happy or sad! Plus, animals offer unconditional love, and we can talk to them without the risk or fear of being judged.

Of course, for serious relationship problems, experts say your first choice should always be to seek help from a trained, human therapist. But when all else fails, they say it makes sense that many struggling couples are now working out their problems with the help of a therapy horse!