Seen any good movies lately? Did you visit the concession stand while you were there? Well, new research is out on exactly how gut-busting these movie snacks are. The Center for Science and the Public Interest recently uncovered unbelievable amounts of saturated fats, sugar and calories in your favorite concession stand foods. So here’s the truth behind movie theater treats:

First, the most popular snack is buttery popcorn. Get a large tub and you’re ingesting over a thousand calories and 57 grams of fat! You could eat a pound of baby-back ribs and top it off with some ice-cream, and you’d still need to eat a few pats of butter to get the same amount of fat. You’re saying, “John, I get my popcorn WITHOUT butter, that’s healthy, right?” Sorry. Movie theaters pop their corn in the WORST fat out there. Coconut oil. It has double the amount of saturated fat as pure lard. Only one movie chain, Cinemark, pops corn in Canola oil, but their popcorn still has almost 1,000 calories.

Then, let’s say you wanted to add a large soda into the mix. You’re drinking 500 empty calories, loaded with 33 teaspoons of sugar!

What about candy? Even the low-fat candy, like Twizzlers and Nerds are a calorie nightmare. Nerds have almost 50 teaspoons of sugar in one little box – that’s nearly the amount of sugar you should have in TWO DAYS! The worst candy offender? Chocolate-peanut butter cups. One 8-ounce bag has the same amount of fat and calories as a T-bone steak and a buttered, baked potato!

How are movie chains responding to this latest report? Well according to ABC News, they say they’re just giving consumers what they want. According to the chains, they’ve tried to offer heart-healthy snacks in the past and nobody bought them. So they went back to buttery popcorn and bags of candy. What can you do? Order an unsweetened ice tea and a pretzel without the salt. That’s less than 300 calories. Remember, movie snacks are supposed to be a snack, not a meal.