Has a friend ever sent you one of those scary health-warning emails that says, “Brain-eating bugs live in lakes?” Well, I’m here to debunk a few medical myths making the rounds on the Internet. 
  • The first medical myth: Eating bread while you’re on antibiotics can be fatal. That’s False. The Medical College of Wisconsin says that antibiotics do kill gut bacteria – both good and bad, which means eating any food can upset your stomach and send you racing to the bathroom. But antibiotics do not cause a life-threatening allergy to bread or any other food.  

  • Medical rumor #2: Some bodies of water contain deadly microscopic organisms that swim up your nose and feed on your brain. That’s TRUE! Brain-eating amoebas do exist in many warm, freshwater rivers and lakes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the risk for deadly infection is extremely low – with only 23 deaths reported over a decade. But once you’re infected, you’re not likely to survive - to stay safe, consider wearing nose clips.

  • Another myth making the email rounds: Drinking cold water after eating turns the food to sludge, and can cause cancer. That’s False. Dr. Kim Turgeon is a professor of gastroenterology at the University of Michigan, and he says your digestive system quickly brings anything you ingest to normal body temperature.  So, no matter how hot or cold your food or drink is, it has NO effect on your cancer risk