Here and now, I have the answers to some random health questions you may have wondered about.

  • Question #1: If a little red wine’s good for us, does that mean other drinks, like vodka or bourbon, are good too? Dietician Cynthia Sass says it’s true that drinking one alcoholic drink a day can have health benefits. For example, red wine relaxes blood vessels, while vodka causes more vessels to develop. But red wine edges out all other types of alcohol because it also contains antioxidants, plus a chemical called resveratrol,  which is proven to ward off things like heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and even cancer. But the health benefits of alcohol in general go out the window as soon as you have more than one drink. Go over that amount and you INCREASE the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and stroke. 

  • Random health question #2: Can stress really make our hair fall out? YES! Dr. George Kessler is a physician at New York Presbyterian Hospital, and he says our bodies instinctively treat stress as a threat to our survival. And one of the ways the body counteracts stress is to sacrifice other hormones, including testosterone, and since testosterone, in men and women, is linked to growth, low levels put you at a high risk for hair loss.

  • One more health question: Can a stomachache make you depressed? Yes, again. Dr. Kessler says it’s because our stomach produces serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter that helps boost our mood. But when we have an imbalance in our stomach then our serotonin level gets thrown out of whack. And studies show that low serotonin raises our risk of depression. The fix? For temporary stomachaches, drinking lots of water , and taking an antacid, can help ward off depression. But if you’re constantly feeling bloated, or gassy, talk to your doctor about a permanent treatment for your stomach imbalance.