Attention, guys! Have you recently been dumped and have no clue why? No need to spend hours decoding your lost love’s final text messages. Instead, here are the top reasons experts say that women end a relationship:

  • You were overly friendly with other women on Facebook. A lot of women consider electronic cheating to be just as devastating as a full-blown physical affair. In fact, a survey found that 1-out-of-3 couples cite Facebook as the reason for the breakup. So, beware of coming across as too flirty with other women – even if they’re just friends – on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

  • You’re not showing her your “husband” potential. A recent survey found that over 90% of women consider a man’s husband and dad potential to be a make-it or break-it factor for a long-term relationship. So, how can you show off those traits before you’re married with kids? Researchers say you can showcase them by being affectionate, honest, and a good communicator. Plus, when you take care of yourself and your loved ones, it shows you could potentially take care of a wife and family.

  • You weren’t a boyfriend, you were a clinger! Experts say that sending endless texts, Tweets and Facebook messages screams creepy, not romantic. And it makes it seem like you’re more interested in having a relationship in general than in the specific woman you’re dating.

  • You’ve transformed into a Snuggie-wearing videogame slob! Relationship experts say that it’s natural for guys to be on their best behavior the first few months of dating and then relax, as they get more comfortable in a relationship. But don’t get comfy to the point where you start spending hours playing “Call of Duty” instead of going out with your girlfriend or develop other bad habits, like becoming moody or lazy. Otherwise, you could be single before you know it.