Think eBay's just a place for buying and selling your cheap used stuff? Actually, here's a list of the most expensive items ever sold on eBay:
* First: A power lunch with Warren Buffet. In 2010, the so-called "Oracle of Omaha" set a record for eBay's most expensive charity auction ever. That's when an anonymous bidder paid $2.6 million for a lunch date with Buffet. * The next most-expensive item bought on eBay: A former missile base. In 2002, an ad described the base in New York as, quote "The perfect solution for the right family." It also highlighted the private airstrip, Jacuzzi, and a living space with three-foot thick walls that once housed an intercontinental ballistic missile! A buyer snapped that up for $2.1 million. * That same year, someone else bought an entire town on eBay. All 83 acres of Bridgeville, California, was auctioned off at once, including its eight houses, café and post office, all for $1.8 million - whole town for the price of a Beverly Hills condo! * Next on eBay's most expensive list: A baseball card. It was a card issued in 1909 featuring Hall of Fame Pittsburgh Pirates star Honus Wagner. Only 57 of the cards were ever distributed, making it one of the rarest baseball cards ever. That helps explain why a collector paid $1.2 million for it. * Finally, someone bought a Ferrari on eBay. In fact, it was a rare model named after Ferrari's founder, Enzo. The company only produced about 400 of them, and in 2004, the Enzo set a record for the most expensive item ever sold online in Europe, when a bidder paid over $1 million for it!