According to a new survey, the number of text messages we’re sending and receiving each day has DOUBLED in the past year. So, let’s review a list of some texts the experts say we should never send:


·     The break-up text. Something like “I think we should see other people.” It used to be just a teen thing, but now, 1-in-3 adults say they’ve broken up with someone via text message! Psychologists say it’s the cowardly way to break up, because you don’t have to hear how you’re hurting the other person. That’s why psychologist say if you went on enough dates to call this person your “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” then the least they deserve is a phone call.

·     Anything longer than two sentences that requires more than a “yes” or “no” reply. Experts say texting is supposed to help us save time, by letting us skip making phone calls. But if you’re tapping out a paragraph, and expecting a long, detailed reply, then you’re wasting time. Dial the phone instead!      

·      “Will you marry me?” As one etiquette expert put it: Marriage proposals are one of the few old-fashioned traditions that should stay free of technology.

·     Anything involving sexting. Because about 1-in-17 adults say they’ve sent nude or nearly nude photos of themselves on a cell phone. But think about how many of those photos end up on the Internet, or T-M-Z? As etiquette expert Andrea Bartz says: “Can’t we leave something to the imagination?”


Have you ever sent any of these text messages? What the reaction what you had hoped?