These days, there are at least 5 qualified applicants for every job opening, which means, acing the interview is crucial. So, here are the 6 deadly sins of interviewing you need to avoid:

  • The first sin: Winging it. Hiring managers don’t like applicants who know zip about the firm. So make sure you know at least the basics, like the size of the company,what products they make, and if they have offices elsewhere.

  • Another job interview sin: Indifference. Most people you interview with are passionate about what they do. And if you can’t even pretend to be excited about the job, they’ll figure you only care about the paycheck, which isn’t a reason to hire you. 

  • Then there’s greed. Even if you’ve been unemployed for months, experts say bringing up money during your first interview is inappropriate and makes you look desperate. The manager should be the first one to talk money. 

  • Another job interview sin: Getting too personal. A job interview is no place to discuss your love life, family problems, medical condition, or anything that isn’t job-related. 

  • Also, avoid too much bling. Hiring managers who see pricey shoes, expensive suits, or fancy jewelry may think you’re so well off you’ll quit if things get tough. Keep your interview attire simple.

  • The final job interview sin: A lack of confidence. No matter how long you’ve been out of work, you need to pretend you’re the most confident person on the planet. The purpose of the interview is to toot your horn. Of course, you don’t want to come off as an egomaniac, but if you don’t think you’re hot stuff, why would anyone want to hire you?