The laws of attraction are based around science. It’s not a very romantic notion, but knowing some of the subconscious reasons we’re attracted to one person over another could help you find love. 

  • First off, you’re more likely to pair up with someone who’s just as attractive as you are. According to Dr. Helen Fisher, who wrote the book Why Him? Why Her?, people tend to be drawn to others on their same physical level, think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Why? The reason isn’t very romantic, but it’s the truth: Subconsciously, we want to be successful in love. We want to pair off. And we know if we choose someone who’s on our level, we’re less likely to get rejected. 

  • The next law of attraction: We’re attracted to people who share our quirky habits. If on your first date you discover that you both love anchovies but hate mushrooms on your pizza, bam! chemistry. Why? According to Dr. Hogan, we admire people who mirror our idiosyncrasies. We feel they understand us and it creates an instant bond. 

  • One last law of attraction: We’re drawn to people we want be like. We’re attracted to people who have traits we admire, but may lack. Why? Dr. Pepper Schwartz is a sociology professor at the University of Washington, and she says it’s because they keep us balanced. So a wall flower may be more attracted to a social butterfly. And the positive trait that you admire in your partner often rubs off on you.