We all know that there’s a weight problem in America. But the perception that obese people can’t lose weight – or don’t want to – is false. Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that obese people ARE trying to lose weight and a lot of them are successful. After looking at data on over 4,000 obese people, they found that 63 percent were trying to lose weight. And 1-out-of-every-5 of them had lost 10 percent of their body weight. That’s enough to dramatically improve their health.

So, how did the successful losers do it? Well, here’s what didn’t work: Fad diets - like a 30-day liquid cleanse, taking over-the-counter diet pills, and eating “diet” foods. The ones who lost weight did it the old fashioned way: They ate less and exercised more. They drank more water and ate less fat.

One of the researchers, Dr. Christina Wee, said it was reassuring that people were able to lose weight cheaply – without having to buy special food or pills. Because the people who did rely on those gimmicks had a “health halo.” They thought they were being good by, say, buying a box of low-fat cookies, so they’d eat more than they normally would. Or they thought if they popped a diet pill, they could eat more fat, since the pill promised to burn fat. But the most successful dieters ate real food with lower calories and got more exercise. It’s as simple as that.