What makes the “perfect” man? According to a new survey, the answer depends on the woman you ask and her age. In fact, here are the characteristics women look for as they get older - and why - according to psychologist Dr. Cecilia D’Felice. Guys, you may want to take notes:

  • First, for women ages 18 to 24: The perfect man is good looking. And he must pass the “friends test” – meaning, he should be someone a woman’s friends would approve of. Dr. D’Felice says it’s because when we’re younger, we all want to feel like we “fit in”.  So, our first priority is to seek approval from our friends to validate our choices – even with the people we date.

  • Then, for women ages 24 to 34: The perfect man is career-driven. In fact, while physical attraction is still important, more than two-thirds of women at this age said they’re more likely to be attracted to guys with ambition. Our expert says this has to do with the fact that as women begin to think about settling down, and starting a family, they grow more attracted to partners who share the same goals and values.

  • Next, for women ages 35 to 44: The perfect man is slightly older, 5 years older, to be exact. Dr. D’Felice says it’s because as women settle into family life, they grow more attracted to men who are stable, good-mannered, and who have some life experience under their belt!

  • Finally, what’s “perfect” to women after age 45? That’s when 95 percent of women say they value a man with money. Our expert says this makes sense when you consider that by their 40s and 50s, women have their own career, and possibly kids to support so they want a man who can stand on his own two feet, and be an equal.