We’ve all been spending more time at home, and a new survey of dog and cat owners finds that quarantining together has brought us much closer to our pets.

All in all, 84% of respondents say they feel more attuned to their pet’s health and needs.

That’s according to Banfield Pet Hospital, the world’s largest general veterinary practice. Their chief medical officer, Dr. Molly McAllister, says, thanks to the pandemic, the human-animal bond is stronger now than ever.

The study also found that, as more people have transitioned to working from home, 20% of respondents say they prefer working alongside their pets than their human co-workers. In fact, 73% worry about eventually heading back to the office and being forced to leave their pet for hours each day.

And the pandemic has changed how people care for their pets. Even when things get back to normal, two out of three respondents are committed to spending more time with their pets. And, one in five say they’ll adjust their schedules to make that happen.

And it isn’t just the owners who are benefitting either. 40% of respondents believe their pet has been happier during lockdown.