Every year, we coin new words to describe the changing world around us, and when words become popular, and are used by enough people and publications, they end up in the dictionary. So, here’s a sampling of the new words you’ll find in the Oxford Dictionary Online. 

  • First: Inbox as a verb. Meaning, I just sent you a private message or email, so check your inbox, or I want you to “inbox me” and send a message nobody else can read.

  • Another new dictionary word: Photobomb. Meaning, something that spoils a photograph by appearing in the frame just as the picture’s taken. It’s usually a prank by a fellow human, but one of the most well-known photobombers was a squirrel. A couple on vacation used a self-timer to get a picture together, and a ground squirrel heard the timer, and popped up to check it out. In the photo, the squirrel’s in perfect focus, and the couple can be seen laughing in the background. 

  • Another new word in the Oxford Online Dictionary: Videochat. A face-to-face conversation over the internet using webcams and software, like Skype. 

  • Then there’s Tweeps, as in, the people following you on Twitter. 

  • The final word: mwahahaha! Meaning, the evil, over-the-top laugh you’d get from a villain in a cartoon, or comic strip. 

Let’s use all the words in a sentence, shall we? “Hey, tweeps – inbox me if you want to videochat about my nefarious new photobomb ideas……Mwahahaha!”