The dictionary just got a hip makeover. The latest edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary includes over 400 new, outrageous words. And experts say more are being added all the time, because we’re creating new words faster than ever, in order to keep up with the constantly growing fields of social media, technology, and fashion.

So, what are the top new words to add to your vocabulary? On the fashion front, there’s “mankini”: A bikini for a man, which was made popular by the movie “Borat.” Another new fashion word? “Jeggings”, short for jean leggings, which quickly gained a cult following after stars like Victoria Beckham started wearing them.

And new tech phrases include: “Text speak” - the abbreviations you use while text messaging. Like “lol,” which is short for “laughing out loud.” And another new word is “follower” and this usage refers to someone who “follows” you on Twitter.

Okay – let’s see if we can use these in a sentence, “My followers LOLed when I posted a Twitpic of myself in jeggings. But I refuse to wear a mankini.”