There’s a new phone scam we need to warn you about.

The Better Business Bureau says the fastest growing new cell phone fraud is the “one ring phone scam.”

Here’s how it works: Thieves randomly call a cell phone number, let it ring once — just enough to cause a missed call message to pop up — and then hang up. That makes a lot of people curious – so they’ll call the number back.

But when you do, you’re connected to a paid service overseas, and get hit with a $20 dollar fee just to connect - and $9 dollars or more per minute in roaming charges.

So what happens if you call back? They’ll tell you you’ve won money – or anything to keep you on the line for as long as possible to rack up those fees.

The reason this scam is exploding is because crooks can place calls through the Internet. So it’s really cheap for them to make hundreds of thousands of calls, and to mask their identity from law enforcement.

Officials say the easiest way to avoid getting scammed is to ignore any incoming or missed calls from unfamiliar numbers. And before calling any numbers back, Google the number to see if it’s linked with any complaints or comments.