Should bad winter storms have NAMES?

As you may have heard, the Weather Channel recently started naming big winter storms the same way The National Hurricane Center names tropical storms. Like “Blizzard Nemo,” which just pounded the East coast. But a growing number of meteorologists are demanding the Weather Channel stop naming winter storms. 

According to those meteorologists, only hurricanes should get names, because hurricanes are more unusual and devastating than blizzards.  And some meteorologists worry is that if we keep naming blizzards, people are going to panic, and think there’s something more dangerous on the way, or get confused and expect a hurricane.

Plus, there are only 20 tropical storms a year, on average, so it’s easy to come up with 20 names for those. But during the winter, there are dozens of small storms every week in all 50 states!

But the Weather Channel disagrees. They say that when you name a storm, people pay more attention to it, and take more precautions. Plus, they only name the storms that will disrupt life and travel plans, and close airports and roads. They don’t name all the smaller storms.

And because a lot of us talk about the weather online these days, when a storm has a name, it’s easier to spread information.

What do you think? Are you a fan of storm names, or is it easier to just call them “blizzard,” “noreaster,” or “hurricane”? Weigh in at