Here are some answers to the mysteries of women from the pages of McCall's magazine:

  • First - why do women go on periodic housecleaning frenzies? Blame it on her thyroid gland. It's larger and more active than a man's, and gives her more pep and enthusiasm. She also has a regular monthly "nesting impulse" that sends her buzzing around, making everything neat and tidy.

  • Why are women so clumsy at throwing a ball? Bone structure. The average woman's arms are more bent at the elbow than a man's. This causes that stiff, downward-motion in ball throwing that men find so hilarious.

  • Why are women always hearing burglars? All their senses are keener. Also, even though she might be wrong about the burglar, she probably did hear something her husband didn't.

  • Why do women like concerts and "culture" much more than men do? Biology. These events require a lot of sitting. Women are usually heaviest around the hips, so they're more comfortable in chairs. Men are top-heavy, with the maximum weight around the chest and shoulders. They're built for action, not sitting. (Which is why they make such terrific super-heroes!)