Have you heard about the most popular new pet, called “teacup pigs”? According to MSNBC, teacup pigs – also known as “micropigs” - are miniature, potbelly piglets that never quite grow up. They get their name from the fact that they can fit inside an average-size coffee mug at birth. Even at full size, they’re only about the size of a small cocker spaniel. Teacup pigs became popular in England last spring, when a breeder named Jane Croft quit her job to begin raising them full time. Now, she says she gets as many as 500 requests for pigs each day! Since she only sells about 10 teacup pigs per week, her waiting list has grown quite long.

Experts say they’re already catching on in North America too, because they have the sort of, “cute quotient” that pet lovers can’t resist. They’re also highly intelligent animals, and are generally cleaner than other pets. In fact, pigs often beat dogs in animal IQ tests, and they can be litter-trained, just like a cat. Also, since pigs have hair instead of fur, that means they don’t get fleas, and they’re better for people with pet dander allergies.  

You should know this: Teacup pigs can cost up to $1,000 each, and breeders like Croft will only sell them in pairs. That’s because pigs need constant attention, or else they’ll get bored. So it’s helpful to have a 2nd pig around for them to play with. Another thing you need to know about teacup pigs: Most parts of the world still consider them “farm animals.” So, depending on where you live, you may need a special livestock license to own one. If a teacup pig sounds like the perfect pet for you, here are two Websites you can check out for more information: TeacupPiggies.com and LittlePigFarm.com.