Recently, did a survey where they asked thousands of hiring managers about the most common interview mistakes job candidates make. 

  • And according to this survey, the biggest mistake is answering a call or texting during an interview. 77- percent of hiring managers felt that way.

  • The second-biggest deal-breaker is appearing uninterested, tied with dressing inappropriately.

  • And the third mistake? More than two-thirds of hiring managers said talking negatively about an old boss doesn’t fly. That’s because even if you think your criticisms are justified, hiring managers will view your bad-mouthing as unprofessional, or a sign that you have a hard time getting along with colleagues! They’ll also think you’ll talk about them negatively if things don’t work out. 

This survey also identified some of the most outrageous mistakes hiring managers have encountered. They included:

  • A candidate who asked the hiring manager for a sip of his coffee during the interview.

  • Another who said that her greatest strength was her “promptness,” right after she arrived 20 minutes late to the interview!

  • And then there was a candidate who asked the hiring manager: “Um, what company is this again?”

So, do all these interview mistakes have anything in common? According to Career Builder executive Rosemary Haefner, they’re all avoidable! She says no amount of stress or pressure can justify failing to be prepared for a job interview. Meaning if you turn off your cell phone, dress appropriately, and ask a few questions that show you know something about the company, then you’ll be well on your way to standing out from the crowd in a good way.