We rely on technology more than ever before – but it’s also giving us more opportunities to offend those around us. So, we rounded up the top tech habits that annoy people the most.

  • Spamming your friends’ Facebook feeds. Go ahead and be passionate about your politics, causes, fundraisers, or the Pampered Chef cookware you’re selling to make extra money. But do it all on your own Facebook page – because whatever you post on a friend’s timeline can be seen by their friends. So, you’re basically invading their space and spamming their feed. The tech rule: If it’s not a personal comment to the friend in question – say, congratulations on a new job, or birthday wishes – don’t post it on their timeline.

  • Talking on the phone in the bathroom! A stall may feel private, but you’ve got a captive audience of unwilling eavesdroppers. And the person you’re calling will hear toilets flushing in the background. So, if you wouldn’t bring that caller into the bathroom with you in person – don’t bring them in over the phone.

  • Getting into your car in a parking lot – or parking space and texting, emailing or updating Facebook. First of all, ignoring your surroundings raises your chances of being robbed or assaulted. Also, there may be another driver waiting for your space - holding up traffic, blinker on – because they assume you’re leaving. If you have to text in your car, turn off your engine, and keep your foot off the brake.

  • Know when to text, and when to call. Texting is ideal for simple, logistical information, like, “Meet me at the restaurant” or “I’ll be 10 minutes late.” But if it’ll take more than 3 back-and-forths to get your message across, pick up the phone and call them.