The latest work fad is a diet trend: “group cleansing”.

That’s where you and your co-workers go on an all-liquid diet, for days at a time, all in the name of “team bonding”. In the past, you might have bonded during a company retreat, or happy hour drinks after work. But today, companies like Merrill Lynch and Citigroup are providing cleanse drinks for their employees,and workers who cleanse together say it gives them a shared goal, while boosting their energy, focus, and productivity.

Eric Helms is the co-founder of Cooler Cleanse, a company that gets a-third of its business from group cleanses. He says there’s a huge interest in all-juice diets today because they’re becoming more mainstream. For example, actresses like Selma Hayak and Gwyneth Paltrow swear by them and last year, Oprah’s entire production staff in Chicago did a three-day group cleanse.

Also, cleanse diets are easier to stick to when you do it with your co-workers, because of the moral support involved.

That explains why some companies have created their own group cleanse rituals, like one fashion company we read about, where employees celebrate finishing each bottle of cleanse juice by slamming it against a table! Other companies encourage workers to take their lunch break together, and have their cleanse drinks together.

But know this: Even though cleanse diets are very popular, nutrition experts say there’s no science showing they’re healthy. In fact, research shows that your liver and kidneys can handle toxins just fine without a cleanse diet.

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