There are lots of new choices in the TOOTHPASTE aisle today. But are all the bold claims on the box worth your money? Here’s what you need to know about the latest toothpaste trends:

  • First, what’s the deal with pastes that claim to have “foaming action.” Experts say that’s mostly a     gimmick, since all toothpastes turn into foam when you brush. And the more you brush, the more that foam will clean your teeth. Just don’t be fooled into thinking extra “foam” will let you get away with not flossing!

  • Next, what about toothpastes that offer “12-hour germ fighting action.” Actually, that claim is true. The pastes use a stronger antibacterial agent – called triclosan– which is proven to fight germs up to 12 hours after brushing! However, while it’s safe to use, some studies show that triclosan may contribute to antibiotic resistance. So, don’t brush with it if you’re taking antibiotics.

  • Next, are “all-natural” toothpastes worth your money? This one’s a toss-up. Because if you don’t like the idea of brushing with a bunch of chemicals in your mouth, then the answer is “yes” – since all-natural toothpastes don’t include any artificial colors, flavors, or fragrances. But know this: There’s no evidence that all-natural toothpastes do a better job at removing plaque, or fighting cavities and tooth decay.

  • Finally, beware of new toothpastes that are “fluoride free.” Experts say the only time you should ever worry about having too much fluoride in your system is if you or your kids swallow toothpaste! Otherwise, fluoride is proven to be a safe and essential cavity fighter.