The iPad is changing the medical world!

In fact, a survey found that 1 in 3 doctors now use an iPad while treating patients, and it’s becoming even more common in medical schools and teaching hospitals, like Yale, Johns Hopkins and Stanford, that transitioning to a 100 percent electronic-based curriculum. They’re training doctors to use tablets with patients from the get-go. 

Experts say iPads in hospitals are a win-win for doctors and patients. 

Doctors love them because they can pull up a patient’s medical history in seconds, and update their file no matter where they are. And a University of Chicago study found that patients got important tests and treatment much faster, and understood their diagnosis better, if they were cared for by an iPad-toting doctor because telling a patient they have a pulmonary edema doesn’t have the same impact as showing them pictures of a normal lung and their own lung. It can help a patient completely understand their diagnosis, that their lung is full of fluid and that’s why they can’t breathe properly. 

In fact, doctors with iPads are now so common that lab coats are being designed with front pockets big enough to carry them. 

And smart phones are changing medicine too. There’s a Harvard professor who’s an expert in mushroom poisoning. And about 300 times a year he’s called from all over the world to help consult cases, strictly through pictures sent to his iPhone. 

So those signs in the hospital that ban cellphone use, may soon have to come down, because more often than not, that technology is being used to save lies.