If you hate the consumerism of the season, here's a way to stop the insanity!

There's a new movement called "The Hundred Dollar Holiday" started by a man named Bill McKibben. He wrote the book "Hundred Dollar Holiday" and this is the premise: Don't endure the holidays; enjoy them! Take the focus off the money you spend on gifts by limiting it to $100 dollars. Most American families spend between $800 and a thousand dollars every year.

This way, instead of spending every free moment at the mall, you'll have more time for family, fresh air, and fun. If you want to try it, begin by drawing names so that everyone has only one present to buy. A lot of "$100 holiday" families make their presents, giving from their talents in cooking, photography, or art. Some read Christmas stories onto a tape, some make a card game of family trivia, or pass along a family heirloom.

The point is to give things that matter: time, attention, memories and love. If you'd like to know more   check out the book "Hundred Dollar Holiday".