You’ve seen it – you’ve clicked it. I’m talking about the little “like” button on Facebook pages and posts. The icon with the tiny thumbs-up symbol that shows you approve of what’s there. But have you ever wondered why there’s a “like” button at all? Here’s a little history lesson for you:

Back in 2007, several Facebook employees were working on a project code-named “props.” And they debated several ideas for commenting and approving on posts, including star ratings, and plus-and-minus signs. 

When they finally settled on the thumbs-up symbol, they wanted to call it the “awesome button.” But Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg didn’t like it. So, they changed it to “like.” Which is, like, already one of the most-used words by the X, Y and Millennial generations. 

Another fact: The “like” button has earned Facebook billions of dollars. Because once you “like” a product on Facebook, they can guarantee a company that they can place their ads where they’ll be seen by someone who’s already interested in that product – or something just like it. 

Want some more “like button” trivia?   

Rapper Eminem is the most “liked” person on Facebook, with more than 52 million “likes.” And he’s closely followed by Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. 

What else? The “like” button is clicked millions of times every hour. Facebook doesn’t publicly release stats on just how popular the button is. But according to the independent blog Business and Facebook, more than 113 million pages are “liked” per hour. 

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