Maybe so, but you should worship the ground THEY walk on, too! That's because you get several health benefits from hanging out with Fido and Fluffy. Here are a few:

  • Your pet helps you stress less. Hanging out with a friend eases anxiety, but studies show that spending time with a PET when you're stressed helps even more! Want proof? One study found that people who were doing something stressful - like rushing to meet a deadline - actually worked more calmly and efficiently when their pets were with them than when a supportive friend or spouse was present! Why would this happen? Experts think we feel more relaxed around our pets because we know they're not judging us.
  • They keep you fit! Consider Fido your furry personal trainer. They beg you to walk them every day, which forces you to exercise on a daily basis. It's not just dog owners who stay fit. A Canadian study found that people with pets - any kind of pet - were more fit and less likely to have health problems than people who didn't have one. Why? The researchers say it’s related to your sense of responsibility. In other words, you feel responsible for your pet, so you'll make the effort to stay healthy so you can properly care for them.
  • Your dog can keep you away from candy! New studies show that stroking a pet triggers a surge of the same satisfying brain chemical that you get from eating chocolate!