The population of Canadian geese has exploded and it’s a bigger problem than you may realize! This is their favorite time of year to take up residence all over the United States.

Millions of them flock to cities like Minneapolis and Reno, which have set up programs to catch the birds and gas them. They’re even in hot spots like Arizona, Florida and South Carolina - where people complain about early-morning honking or traffic tie ups. Not cars – the geese – honking and walking out into the road.  Because the geese can’t fly when they’re molting.

And they’re especially dangerous to aircraft. The plane that landed in the Hudson a few years back? The result of Canadian geese.

They’re also prolific poopers, with each bird dropping up to TWO POUNDS a day! The health hazards from that are serious. Fecal contamination has led to beach, pool and park closings. It’s actually sparked a cottage industry of poop cleanup services. There’s one called Scoopy Doo in Long Island, New York. Scoopy Doo uses customized Smart Cars to pull a vacuum of sorts, which loosens bird dropping and then sucks them up off the grass. The charge? $500 per acre!

But a lot of people don’t want to just get rid of the droppings – they want to get rid of the birds – period. Some cities fire off propane cannons to scare the birds away. Others spray parks with a mixture of grape-seed extract and hot peppers – which sting the bird’s bills when they feed on the grass. And some pour vegetable oil on their eggs to prevent them from hatching.

But the guys in the clean up business don’t mind Canadian Geese one bit.  The man who owns Poop B Gone on Long Island says, “They’re my favorite bird!”