What will cars of the future look like? The experts at Kiplinger looked into their crystal ball, and came up with this list of features that’ll likely become standard on most cars within 10 years.

First: **Crash warning systems.** Today, only luxury cars offer radar systems that detect when you’re about to crash, then automatically tighten your seat belt and apply the brakes. Experts say those systems should eventually be standard on all cars.

Also look for more: Rearview cameras, which show what’s behind your car when you’re backing up. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently proposed requiring 360-degree camera systems in all cars by 2014.

Cars of the future will also have: Smart cruise control. Today, most cars will let you set your cruising speed, but then the feature turns off as soon as you touch the brakes. In the future, you may never have to touch the brakes because your car will automatically adjust your speed to keep you a safe distance behind other cars – even in stop-and-go traffic.

Also: Look for hands-free web surfing to become standard. Experts say the goal is to have systems that let you use simple voice commands to find songs online, get directions to a restaurant, or even update your status on Facebook!

One more feature you can expect in future cars: Better fuel economy. In fact, the auto industry has set a goal to average 62 miles per gallon by the year 2025!