Pop question: Are the French experts on fashion or parenting? The answer is……both! That’s according to American journalist Pamela Druckerman. She lives in Paris, and is the author of a controversial new book called “Bringing up Bebe,” which says that Americans should learn some parenting lessons from the French. Foe example:

French parents let their children be bored. Instead of signing them up for non-stop playdates, or handing them their smartphone to play with. The French say that free time teaches children to entertain themselves and be more self-sufficient.

Another French parenting lesson: They don’t put up with picky eaters. French expert Druckerman says that it’s common for American parents to cook separate meals for picky children. But French parents offer one menu only to their family. So, French kids grow up used to a wide variety of foods Everything from caviar to snails!

And the final French parenting tip: They don’t use “baby talk.” Druckerman says that French parents talk to their babies the exact same way they talk to adults.

And that encourages children to speak in full sentences at an early age.

If you’d like to find more French parenting tips, check out Pamela Druckerman’s book, “Bringing up Bebe.”