Put down that donut and listen up! If you want to stay healthy, there are certain behaviors you need to avoid. Here are the five most popular paths to self-destruction, courtesy of LiveScience.com.

  • Sacrificing sleep. Sleeping less than seven hours a night has been linked to all sorts of health problems – such as obesity, diabetes and cancer. Also, when your mind is sleep-deprived, you’re just as likely to get into a car accident as you are when you’re drinking.
  • Drive a lot! Driving kills more people under the age of 35 than anything else. So, if you WANT to become an accident statistic – drive everywhere, ignore the speed limit, yak on your cell phone, wolf down a burger behind the wheel and forget to buckle up. Or if you want to LIVE - don’t do any of those. Also, long commutes ratchet up stress levels and damage relationships at home and ruin the first few hours on the job. So think about moving closer to work, finding a new job, or getting a ride-share partner.  
  • Stressing out. The more you take on, the more you put your body in danger of contracting deadly diseases. Why?Because when you’re chronically stressed, your immune system becomes exhausted, making you more vulnerable to illness and disease. So stop worrying about everything from the color of your socks to why your boss is in a bad mood. You’re not doing your hormones any favors.
  • More self-destruction tips: Drink a lot. You know that the occasional glass of red wine is good for your heart. But if you’re looking to do yourself in while you’re still young – ignore that 2-drink-per-day limit and booze it up! Besides alcoholism of course, too much drinking leads to liver damage, diabetes and causes nearly 100-thousand deaths every year.
  • Eating junk. Last year, more than 400-thousand Americans managed to kill themselves by eating poorly. Heart disease is the number one killer, and while some of that has to do with genetics, most of it is due to the sugary, fatty foods we put in our bodies. So, if you’re hoping to see that 100th birthday – step away from the donut.