During that time, your co-workers get used to you, you figure out your new role, and your boss gets a good idea whether you have a future there. Remember, 95 percent of the people who get fired, never learn to fit in. So, here are some tips from MSN on how to pass your trial period with flying colors:

  • In the first 14 days, get to know people. Find everyone you'll be dealing with on a regular basis, as well as people "in the know," and any potential mentors. Eat lunch with at least two of them a week, and start building relationships and trust.
  • At the 30 day mark, have a "How am I doing?" chat with your boss. Make sure you're doing what they expect from you. And don't avoid a review just because they might say something negative. Any feedback will help you do a better job--And your boss will know you're trying--
  • After 45 days on the job, write up your job description. Is it what you expected? How could it be better? How could you be better? Review those questions with your boss, and create an accurate job description you can both agree on.
  • And by the time you finish the first 60 days at a new job, make sure you're getting things done. Meet your deadlines, be a team player, and be sure everyone knows you have the potential to succeed.

And when you're finally in a groove, start networking all over again. You'll never know if the guy in the next cubicle, might set you on a path to your next career move.