If big-ticket items are on your loved ones’ holiday wish list, you might want to wrap up an IOU instead! Why? Because some “must-have” gifts are a whole lot cheaper if you wait to buy them. Here are a few presents that you can save big bucks on if you wait a bit:

  • A computer, laptop, or tablet. Most new models come out in October and November – just in time for the holidays. But experts say you’ll see huge discounts on older models next summer, right before school starts – when retailers have to make room for the new models slated for next Christmas.

  • Cameras. You’ll get a much better deal in February. That’s because the new models are introduced at the big electronic trade shows in January and February. And right around Presidents’ Day weekend, older models will be 30% off – or more.

  • A bicycle. Buy it after the holiday rush. Once Santa has gone back to the North Pole, and winter sets in, older-model bicycles are steeply discounted. And stores are more likely to throw in free accessories just to get your business.

  • A new car! Forget the idea of waking up to find a new car in the driveway with a bow? You’re better off shopping on New Year’s Eve Day. Because that’s when car dealers will be in the mood to haggle and reduce their year-end inventory to make room for new models. And discounts could dip 9% below sticker price.

  • A new router, or circular saw. Consider shopping for these around Father’s Day, because that’s when tool prices drop by about 25%. Besides – it’s winter, and your list of do-it-yourself projects probably won’t even get dusted off until spring.