You've heard of the Atkins Diet - and the South Beach Diet. Well, there's a controversial new meat-lovers diet: The Dukan Diet. It's Europe's hottest weight-loss craze - and promises lifelong weight loss without counting calories, and with only 20 minutes of walking a day. It was created by Dr. Pierre Dukan, who's been called the French Dr. Atkins. Fans call themselves "Dukamaniacs." Rumor has it that princess Kate Middleton is one of them. The diet has four phases:

  • Phase 1: "Attack." Basically, you're limited to low-fat, high-protein foods - like fish, lean beef, and skinless turkey and chicken, plus oat bran, and tons of water. That lasts a week.
  • Phase 2 is "Cruise" - where you add veggies to your protein every other day.
  • Then, once you reach your target weight, there's phase 3: "Consolidation." That's where you're allowed two "celebration" meals a week that include small amounts of bread, cheese, fruit, and carbs, as well as wine and dessert.
  • The final step - called "Stabilization" - is supposed to last a lifetime. Basically you can eat anything you want six days a week, but on the seventh day, you have to follow the strict low-fat, high-protein plan from phase one.
    Many experts call it the "Can't Do" diet. They say it contains too much salt, and not enough vitamin C and fiber, an imbalance that raises your risk of cancer and heart disease. Surviving on meat alone is expensive. Sian Porter is a spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association. She says even if you manage to follow the diet for the first few days, it's hard to stick to. It's also hard on your kidneys.