We told you about a new drug that's popular among teens - known as K2, fake weed, or "spice." Whatever you want to call it, the drug's been marketed as being a legal, all-natural alternative to marijuana. However, according to a new report we found on ABC News, it's not safe, period. In fact, K2 has more in common with poison! That's the word from John W. Huffman, the organic chemist who created K2's active ingredient, known as "JWH018." He says the compound was never designed for human consumption. It was actually synthesized for pharmaceutical research, because it's relatively easy to create in a lab, and it can be used to help plants grow faster. That's right: K2's active ingredient can be used as a synthetic plant fertilizer, like Miracle Grow. If you've ever read the warning label on a bag of Miracle Grow, you'll know it's toxic to humans.So, why would anyone want to smoke K2? Huffman says it's because that toxic compound has been classified scientifically as a "cannabinoid" making it a close relative to THC, the active ingredient in pot. That's why people believe that a high from K2 will feel like a high from pot, but they're not even close. As we've mentioned before, K2's effects on the body are devastating! It stresses the cardiovascular system, raises blood pressure, and damages the central nervous system. If that's not enough, the chemicals in K2 can have a permanent negative impact on the part of the brain that controls the immune system, which explains why K2 users are being hospitalized for everything from stomach problems to hallucinations and seizures! In other words, parents AND teens: If you know someone using K2, you need to have a serious talk, because despite what you may have heard, K2 is not a safe, all-natural alternative to marijuana. It's really more like poison. You wouldn't smoke Miracle Grow, would you?