It’s getting harder to find free Wi-Fi in hotels.

In fact, a growing number of hotels are now charging people for Internet access, even though surveys show that it’s one of the biggest “pet peeves” we have. And despite the fact that it’s trendy these days for coffee shops, restaurants, and airports to offer free Wi-Fi, most hotel owners say they’d rather skip that trend!

As you might expect, it boils down to money. Experts say that for a typical large hotel, it costs more than a million dollars to upgrade rooms, and add the equipment needed for Wi-Fi. So, that leaves most hotels with a choice - either charge us more for rooms, or “nickel and dime” us with fees. 

But when it comes the Internet, experts say there’s a big difference between the Wi-Fi we use on planes, for example, and the Wi-Fi we use in hotel rooms. That’s because on planes, most people only surf the Web long enough to check email, or watch a few videos, because they’re worried about their laptop or cellphone battery dying.

But in hotel rooms, experts say we suddenly become “bandwidth hogs,” meaning, we spend hours online - streaming movies on laptops, while Skyping with friends, and surfing the ‘net on cellphones.

That uses up far more of the Internet “pipe” than most hotels can afford. So, where airlines and coffee shops can get away with offering free Wi-Fi to everyone, hotels would rather pass the extra charges along to guests who actually use it.

That explains why experts say the days of finding free Wi-Fi in hotels are numbered!