When couples are expecting a baby, what’s the expectant father supposed to do while Mom throws her baby shower?

These days, he’ll likely throw a “Dadchelor party.” It’s a new twist on bachelor parties, where expectant fathers have one last chance to let loose with friends, before taking on the responsibility of having a baby. 
Carley Roney is editor in chief of TheBump.com, a website for expectant mothers. She says dad-centered celebrations are more common today, because couples are more likely to share parenting duties. So men figure they should have something to look forward to that’s sort of a male version of baby showers.

Roney says the typical Dadchelor party is scheduled at least a month before the baby’s due – so there’s no chance of Dad partying as Mom goes into labor. And like regular bachelor parties, Dadchelor parties often involve a bunch of guys catching a ballgame, bar-hopping, or planning weekend trips to Las Vegas.

One thing you won’t find at Dadchelor parties is anyone giving parenting advice. As one father we read about put it: The goal is to give Dads-to-be one last night of fun with their closest friends, before they have to start waking up every few hours to change diapers.