This Fall’s incoming college freshmen are members of the class of 2015! But would you believe these students are young enough to have Ferris Bueller, the master school-skipper, as their father? That’s just one of the many surprising facts from the new Mindset List from Beloit College, which publishes a new list every year to help their faculty understand their students better.

  • According to the newest list, today’s college freshmen have always used the Internet.
  • And have always been required to wear a bicycle helmet.
  • Today’s college freshmen have also never used a rotary dial phone.
  • Electric cars have always been available, and videogames have always had ratings.
  • As far as the newest college kids are concerned, there have always been at least two women on the Supreme Court, and women have always commanded U.S. Navy ships.
  • LBJ was never a president, but a basketball star named LeBron James.
    And “PC” has always meant computers, not “politically correct."
  • And according to today’s college freshmen, Arnold Palmer has always been a beverage, Andy Warhol has always been a museum in Pittsburgh, and Amazon was never “just” a river in South America.