Have you been invited to a cancer-versary? You may soon! A growing number of cancer survivors are throwing “cancer-versaries” where they throw a party to celebrate being disease-free.

So, why are “cancer-versaries” a hot new trend? Experts say that for most people, the day they were diagnosed with cancer is etched in their head forever – just like a birthday. And each year that passes, they want to mark the milestone by celebrating being alive.

Cancer-versaries are also a way for survivors to thank friends, family and even hospital staff for supporting them through grueling chemotherapy, radiation and recovery.

Like one California breast cancer survivor we read about. She threw a “cancer-versary” to mark being cancer-free for 5 years and had her mother and girlfriends over for tea, dessert and karaoke.

In lieu of gifts, guests brought candy that she later delivered to patients, nurses, and doctors at her former hospital. She says it was a way to kick back with loved ones, and an opportunity to give back to the people who helped her.