Here are the secrets:

  • Let's tackle the supermarket. Most people go when the sales ads come out late in the week, or on the weekend when they have time. According to the National Supermarket Association, Wednesday is really the best day to shop. Stores are the least crowded, there's a big selection since the shelves are stocked, and sales are still on.
  • Hitting the theme parks. Start planning your trip for the fall. Christopher Elliott is cofounder of He says September is the best month, because theme parks are practically abandoned when kids go back to school, so the parks and hotels offer amazing discounts. Also, the weather is still nice and there are generally no lines.
  • The best time to hit the mall actually depends on what you want. If you want to avoid the crowds, go right when it opens, or right before it's closing time on a Monday or Tuesday. If you want the most choices, go when the inventory first hits for a season. That's March for summer items, July for fall stuff, September for winter goods and apparel, and January for spring items. On the flip side, going at these times will also score you the best prices on the current season, since new inventory is pouring in and the stores will want to get rid of their stock.