We always like to tell you the best time to do things from shopping, to traveling, to going to the dentist. But there's a ying for every yang. Meaning there's a wrong time to do things too. These examples come from Shape magazine:

  • The worst time to give up coffee is: In the fall. When there are fewer hours of daylight, your body produces more melatonin. That's the chemical that makes you feel sleepy. So you're already tired because it's getting darker earlier, it's a bad time to cut back on the caffeine. But by winter, your body will have adjusted to the shorter days and seasonal changes so go ahead and give up coffee then.
  • The worst time to exercise is: Within one hour of eating. Your body is sending blood to your digestive system. That means there's less blood available to nourish your muscles, so you're more likely to get abdominal pain or leg cramps. That's the word from physiologist Dr. Cedric Bryant.
  • The worst time to get a facial according to dermatologists: when your hormones are going crazy. How can you tell? Your face will break out, you'll notice maybe you stink a bit more than usual, or you'll be excessively moody. This makes it a bad time because those surging hormones can make your skin more sensitive.
  • And the worst time of day to step on the scale: 7pm. That's when your weight is at its daily high.