Need a date? Try playing “WORLD OF WARCRAFT."

That’s the conclusion of a new study comparing the success rates of people using dating Websites – like or eHarmony – with those of people playing “World Of Warcraft."

For those who don’t know, that’s the world’s most popular online role-playing game, where you create virtual characters, and then interact with other players in an online virtual world. Believe it or not, this new study shows that even though “World Of Warcraft” has nothing to do with dating, it could still improve your dating odds. How?

  • First: There are MORE PEOPLE playing online than using dating Websites. In fact, Warcraft gamers outnumber dating Website users by about 12-to-1.

  • Also: Gamers spend MORE TIME online than Internet daters. And it’s not even close because the average “World Of Warcraft” player logs 30 hours a month online, while the most popular dating Website subscriber logs only 90 minutes a month!

So, how does more people spending more time playing a game translate into a date? The researchers put it this way: In general, if a guy tries contacting a woman on, for example, his odds of hearing back from her are about 1-in-100.

But on “World Of Warcraft,” his odds are almost even. That’s because half of all female players reported feeling “attracted” to guys they chatted with while playing the game, and a whopping 75 percent said they’ve dated someone they met while playing! That’s why researchers say if you’re looking for love online, you can’t go wrong with “World Of Warcraft."