Want to get an extra $5,000 when you sell your house? Simply list it on a Friday! 

New statistics show that homes listed on Fridays sell for 99-percent of the original asking price, on average, that’s the highest percentage for any day of the week. And that one day of the week can mean an extra $5,000 or much more, in a home-seller's bank account. 

Another huge selling point of listing your house on a Friday? Friday listings sell the fastest.

So, what makes Friday such a golden real estate day? It boils down to psychology. 

Dr. Richard Ryan is a psychology professor at the University of Rochester. He says that people tend to be more positive and happier on Fridays, because the traditional workweek is over. Also, studies show that people have more vitality and energy at the end of the week, which usually sparks them to tour more open houses and make offers.

So, what’s the worst day of the week to list your house? Mark your calendar - it’s Sunday! The study found that homes listed on Sundays experience the biggest drop below the original asking price. 

Experts say it’s because Sunday listings sit around for a whole week before anyone looks at them, the following weekend. And by that time, newer listings make last Sunday’s listings seem like old news.