According to the website Brainboost .com, the average person will spend 10 years standing in line over their lifetime. That seems like an awfully long time. But maybe whoever came up with that stat factored in the time we'll wait to get on a ride at Disneyland.

Nevertheless, here's how to cut your wait time dramatically, courtesy of Ronni Eisenberg, author of Organize Yourself. These are the best and worst times to run your most common errands.

  • For example, the best time to go to the DMV is: Before 11am on a Wednesday or Thursday in the middle of the month. Why is that best? You'll avoid the last minute rush of procrastinators, trying to get their cars re-registered or their licenses renewed by the end of the month. Or, you can call the DMV and ask which of their branches is the least busy. Yes, they'll actually tell you!

  • What about the supermarket? The best time to go is: Before 8am on a weekday or after 8pm on a weekend. That's when there are fewer shoppers and the store is likely to be restocked. The worst time to hit the market?   

    Right before dinnertime on weekdays, like 5 or 6pm, and mid-morning through mid-afternoon on the weekends. That's when people who can't shop during the week are filling their carts.

  • More best and worst times   how about the bank. The experts say get to the bank when the doors open   not 15 minutes later when everyone else shows up. Another good time is mid-morning, like around 10am. That way you'll avoid the before-work morning rush altogether. The worst time to hit the bank: At lunchtime and the hour before it closes.

  • Okay, one last one   the best time to take your kid to the pediatrician is. The first appointment of the morning. But you'll probably need to book in advance to get that slot. The worst time to take your kid to the doctor: after school, between 2 and 4pm. Also, steer clear of booking your child's check-up in May or August   that's when most parents book their pre-camp and back to school visits. Instead, try for late April for the pre-summer camp check-up and late July for the back-to-school one.