In case you didn't hear, "The Avengers" recently set the record for the biggest opening-weekend of all time, when it made over $200 million in three days! And while most movies based on comic books get knocked for using a lot of fake science, experts say some of the gadgets in "The Avengers" are based on real technology! * For example: There's Captain America's SHIELD. In the movie, the shield is made of "vibranium," a material capable of absorbing, storing, and redirecting energy, like the blast from a ray gun, for example. In real life, scientists for the military are constantly developing new materials that absorb and dissipate impact energy. That's how bulletproof vests work, after all. * Next, what about Thor's ability to CONTROL LIGHTNING? In the movie, Thor summons lightning with his hammer. In real life, a company called Applied Energetics uses laser and particle beam systems to create artificial lightning. In fact, they're experimenting with a new "lightning gun" that can stall cars or defuse bombs, just by pointing a beam of light at them! * Another gadget from "The Avengers" based on real science is: Iron Man's SUIT. Suveen Mathaudhu is a program manager for the U-S Army Research Office, and he says most soldiers today wear special "exoskeletons" when they're on the battlefield. He says the suits don't give soldiers superhuman strength, or the ability to fly, but they provide important life support, as soldiers move around in harsh conditions, while lugging up to 200 pounds of gear! * Finally, what could possibly be "real" about those shape-shifting aliens in "The Avengers"? In the movie, they're controlled wirelessly from the mothership. And experts say that technology isn't much different from the gadgets that can recharge your cell phone's battery, for example, without plugging it in! In fact, a group of researchers at M-I-T are looking into ways to use that technology to someday remotely control tanks, weapons, and maybe even people.