Did you get a text message asking you to fill out a survey for a chance to win a new iPad, or offering you a free copy of the popular game, Angry Birds? I hope you deleted it – because it was probably a scam! 

Experts say that the number of malicious text messages and smart phone apps is skyrocketing. Already, nearly 1 in 5 mobile users have experienced some type of security threat. And 1 in 100 text messages are a variation of the scams that infest the Internet. In December alone, the anti-virus company F Secure found more than 16-hundred unique malicious apps for Android phones. And the number is doubling about every month. 

For example, one type of poison text message involves offering you a free app – like Angry Birds. Or tricking you into signing up for worthless services – like horoscopes, then tacking an extra $10 bucks a month onto your phone bill. 

Another scamming text message lures you into doing a survey for a chance to, say, win a gift card, or a free iPad. Eventually, they’ll ask for some way to positively identify you. And the thief will end up with enough information to steal your identity, or use your mobile banking login.

That’s just one more reason to delete any text messages from strangers. And not to download any app that comes out of the blue, and sounds too good to be true.