I have good news for teens looking for summer work: Get ready to hear “You’re hired.” 

New statistics show that the job market is rebounding for the first time in years.

In fact, a new survey found that nearly 70-percent of seasonal hiring managers are hiring summer workers this year. Especially in teen-dominated fields, like hospitality and tourism.

Economists say that this is the first positive work news today’s young people have ever had. 

That’s because teens entered the job market when it was at rock bottom, and it’s pretty much stayed at that low until now. And many jobs long-held by teens at the mall or amusement parks have been scooped up by older, more experienced workers, desperate for any work. 

But the summer job market for teens will be at its highest level in 7 years. And, teens, if you’re looking for a summer job, experts suggest checking out the site Indeed.com/Youth-Summer or SnagAJob.com/teens. 

www.indeed.com/youth-summer                                                                         www.SnagAJob.com/teens