What’s one of the deadliest combinations on the road? Teenagers driving pickup trucks. A teen behind the wheel of a pickup is twice as likely to get in a serious wreck as a teen driving a sedan.

Researchers at the University of Texas examined 7,000 major accidents involving teen drivers. They found that pickup trucks are more deadly than cars, vans and SUVs because teens driving them feel bigger, badder and more invincible.

For example, a 16-year-old driver is 400 percent more likely to drive aggressively than a senior citizen. And even a 19-year-old is 200 percent more likely to drive aggressively!

Dr. Chandra Bhat is a traffic expert at the University of Texas and he says that it’s not just the teenage driver – their passenger plays a part too. For instance: One teenage passenger is a bigger risk to a teen driver than 2 or 3 passengers. Why? Because a group of passengers can keep each other occupied, while a single passenger has only the driver to talk to and that can lead to distracted driving.

The study could impact laws regarding teen drivers. Some states currently limit a teenager to just 1 passenger in the car. But since a single passenger has been shown to increase the chance of an accident, the answer may be to prohibit teen drivers from having any passengers. Future laws could also limit what type of vehicles teens can legally drive. What do you think? Should teen drivers be banned from driving pick-up trucks or having passengers? Facebook.com/JohnTesh.