Technology is constantly evolving. Which means, the things we’re familiar with today may not even exist tomorrow. So, here’s what the kids born this year will probably never use, or even know about! 

  • First: Dedicated cameras and camcorders. The quality of smartphone cameras is skyrocketing. And unlike normal cameras, they offer apps and filters for adjusting pictures on the fly, and we can share our photos and videos online the moment we take them. 

  • Another thing today’s babies will probably never use: A landline phone. Already, 1 in 3 households are wireless-only. And experts predict that in 10 years, most businesses will have ditched desktop phones, and provide employees with cell phones that’ll follow them wherever they go. 

  • Then there are movie theaters. Large HDTVs and 3D sets are becoming more affordable, and already, the average home theater is almost as good as the average multiplex theater. Plus, a lot of studios are releasing movies in theatres and on-demand on the same day. And if you can see a first-run movie at home for $7.00, why pay $50.00 to take a family of 4 to a theatre with noisy crowds, and overpriced popcorn?  

  • What else won’t kids born today ever use? A computer mouse. Within 5 years, touch screens will be so inexpensive, they’ll be in every electronic device, from large-screen TVs to laptops. 

  • The final thing today’s kids will never use: Fax machines. Most businesses don’t even use faxes anymore unless they need a signature, say, on an insurance claim, or a loan application. But more companies are starting to accept online forms with electronic signatures. And once we’ve all got touch screens, you’ll be able to scribble your signature with your finger.